In this section, you will find information about living with Sarcoidosis. If you need further information or support please call us on 057 9354492 or click here to email us.

What is Sarcoidosis?

Sarcoidosis is a disease which can affect any organ of the body, although it most commonly affects the lungs, eyes, lymph nodes and skin. Learn more

What causes Sarcoidosis?

The cause of sarcoidosis is unknown and current research is directed towards identifying which factors may trigger the disease. Learn more

Who can get it?

Worldwide it affects 1 – 2 in every 10,000 people, however in Ireland it affects 1 – 2 in 1,500 people. Learn more

Sarcoidosis Symptoms

Symptoms of Sarcoidosis are generally variable. Learn more.

Diagnosis of Sarcoidosis

Sarcoidosis is a difficult disease to diagnose as the symptoms can be very similar to other diseases such as tuberculosis, lupus, arthritis and ME (myalgic encephalopathy). Learn more

Treatment of Sarcoidosis

Treatment will vary depending on how severe the symptoms are. The majority of patients require no treatment and rest is generally advised.  Learn more.

Consultants specialising in Sarcoidosis

List of Consultants specialising in Sarcoidosis in Ireland. Learn more.


Many patients may not need any drug treatment at all because their symptoms are mild but in some cases the inflammation caused by the disease can lead to the development of granulomas. Learn more.

Dietary Information

Some useful websites for information on healthy diets. Learn more.

Social Welfare Information

Some useful websites for information on welfare entitlements. Learn more.


We provide answers to commonly asked questions about a Sarcoidosis diagnosis. Learn more.

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