Treatment will vary depending on how severe the symptoms are. The majority of patients require no treatment and rest is generally advised. Others may only require aspirin or anti-inflammatories for aches and pains or eye drops for eye symptoms.

Patients who have significant symptoms are normally treated with steroids. The dose of steroids will relate to the severity of the symptoms. Steroids are very effective in treating the symptoms of sarcoidosis by reducing the number of granulomas formed and improving organ function. They are powerful drugs that can lead to side effects which are normally monitored and managed by your doctor. Do not stop taking steroids suddenly without medical advice as this can result in flare-ups of the disease and other potential health problems.

Most people with sarcoidosis will lead a normal and healthy lifestyle. Patients with Sarcoidosis should be regularly monitored for changes in their condition to determine if the disease is progressing.

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